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    Beloborodov and the others felt something was wrong, why did this dead girl drink so much alcohol and not react at all? Could it be that she is immune to alcohol? But now that they have ridden the tiger, what are Soviet men most proud of? First is my courage. As a fighting race that favored violence, Soviet men were bold. Two bastards who evaded fares and climbed walls to get into animal staff defeated a grizzly bear that had escaped from its cage and tried to escape as a keeper. Concussions are not uncommon, let's try another one? I peed because I was scared, okay? Another thing is the ability to contain alcohol, medical alcohol mixed with water can also make the face hot, ears hot, unbeatable in the world. The alcohol culture in China is always changing, but the alcohol culture in the Soviet Union is just one: drink to death, until drunk! Soviet people who thought they were good drinkers now met someone who was an even better drinker. Moreover, she was still a girl, how could these Soviet bigwigs feel embarrassed? Can't admit defeat, absolutely can't admit defeat, drink to death!

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    Roosevelt and Churchill of course knew that Stalin was making excuses, but they had no other choice. Now that the US and UK had something to ask the Soviet army, they could only hold their noses and call Chongqing to ask China: Why did they Jump in and out to cause trouble at this time!

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    His question is very reasonable, China is now the younger brother of the United States, it was the supplies provided by the United States that enabled China to withstand the onslaught of the Japanese army, no With instructions from the United States, did China dare to take action in Mac Bac? It's just that Roosevelt feels more guilty than Dou E. Having now exhausted the war in Antwerp, he is no longer in the mood to cause trouble in the Far East! But no matter how he explained it, Stalin did not believe that China dared to unilaterally leave the United States and Britain angry, giving the Soviet Union a big surprise in Mobei. His current attitude was: This is very real. Maybe it was caused by you guys. support China. That makes me very worried. If you don't solve this problem, I won't move. Let the German army defeat you!

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    A 130mm rocket launcher can be loaded with ten anti-tank mines, and a 130mm rocket launcher can fire nineteen shells at once, that is one hundred and ninety anti-tank mines. The unlucky 29th Brigade suddenly found itself in a minefield, full of anti-tank mines, panicked vehicles kept pressing on the mines. Although these mines were all on the ground, it was not difficult to remove them, but before opening a safe passage, their mechanized army became a dead snake, unable to move!

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    The first is Shen Fei, as the eldest son of the Republic's aviation industry, Shen Fei has a glorious history, but since it failed to compete with the third generation domestic aircraft project in the 1980s , the halo above the eldest son's head had dimmed. much. For 30 years, they have been engaged in the Sukhoi line, J-11, J-15, J-16, in short, imitation, imitation and imitation, imitation and imitation. These heavy fighters are indeed what China desperately needs, and they have produced results that please the Air Force, but... the nickname "Shen Huoyi" is always a bit worrying shy, imitating other people's planes all your life is really annoying. On the other hand, Chengfei, first of all, project No. number of fighters of the same generation., Let the Chinese Air Force for the first time keep up with the footsteps of the United States, in the field of fourth generation fighter aircraft, we can have direct dialogue with the Air US troops, and we no longer have to worry about being crushed by an enemy with a huge generational advantage. Of course, Shen Fei was not satisfied with just building the Sukhoi series, they also wanted to develop a completely independently developed and produced fourth generation aircraft to prove that they were capable of innovation, Therefore, Shen Fei raised funds to develop the FC-31 "Falcon" "Eagle" fighter, positioned similarly to the F-35, playing a supporting role for the J-20. It turned out that this move was not very good, let alone the performance of the FC-31, Shen Fei, a corporation specializing in building heavy air superiority fighters, went to build a medium-sized fighter to help the J-20, instead tit for tat with the same heavy fighter. The stealth fighter and the J-20 compete with each other, which in itself explains a lot of the problems.. .it is equivalent to saying that it is not comparable to Chengfei in this area. So until now FC-31 is still a black account, the air force doesn't think much of it, foreign trade is difficult, Tham Phi's heart wants to cry. Now that they heard that Cheng Fei participated in such a big project without making a fuss, their eyes were all red. Oh my god, you guys started from the J-7 and went against the sky, winning a contract to export 700 fighter jets without making a fuss, what do you think? Rebel? No, you don't have to fight for anything else, but you have to fight for this! Isn't it just an enlarged version of J-7? I can do it, and I can do it better than you! The group boss slapped the table and shouted: "Someone, find out the design of the J-13 for me and complete it as soon as possible, we will fight for this order no matter what we say!"

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    Neither the commander nor his staff knew whether to cry or laugh. When the Germans rebelled, you didn't let us retreat. Now that we have stabilized the front line, you immediately let us retreat. You tease me! ? Remagen Bridge bombed? Just blowing it up, just repairing it or simply building a pontoon bridge would only take three to five days. I don't believe that 200,000 German troops could eat nearly a million Allied troops in the North River area. Rhine within 3 to 5 days ! Now that we have stabilized the front line, as long as we are willing to pay a relatively high price, we can firmly absorb the main force of the German army, when the two wings of the American 3rd and 7th Army Corps surround around, they won't be able to escape even if they want to retreat? Withdraw your sister!

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    The masked man said: "Lei Phong, Lei Phong, you are so powerful! Major, I see your army looks in decline. It's probably due to lack of supplies. It's okay, just choose." What I like, the price is completely fair!"

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    Beloborodov's hands shook, the telescope almost fell to the ground, the military staff officers around him all turned pale, secretly crossed their arms, observing three seconds of silence for the Japanese army.

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    Unsuccessful in dodging, Hailong launched a sound torpedo. I-403's noise could be said to be "deafening" to the torpedo's extremely sensitive guidance system, and it could still be lost this way. . sea to raise fish! So the commander on the I-403 bridge was horrified to see the two deadly torpedoes also turn a corner and bite each other!

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    Tang Yi piloted a fighter plane and flew around in the air for a week. After confirming that the Red Star had seen him and responded, he reported to his superiors: "We have found the Red Star. It is in good condition and actively fighting the enemy. Over!"

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    The rumble of artillery was heard in the distance, the gray sky was occasionally illuminated by exploding shells, and needless to say, the Allied forces began to attack again. The British 8th Army and the US 5th Army seemed to have taken stimulants, completely ignoring the bad weather and even worse terrain, along the mountains of the Apennine Peninsula, hill after hill Hill after hill, village after village, nothing seemed to stop them in their tracks. Faced with such a strong opponent, the exhausted German army had no choice but to retreat step by step, shrinking its troops as much as possible and taking advantage of favorable terrain to deal a devastating blow to the enemy. When the enemy has lost too much blood and has stalled their attack, they immediately begin short, fierce counterattacks. Difficult to carry? It was completely unbearable.

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    The airborne radar screen lit up with bright dots, and a wave of Japanese fighter planes were flying head to head. This is the Japanese military's Type Zero fighter plane. Two waves of bombers were slapped to death like flies by Red Star. The Japanese generals finally learned their lesson. They realized that the bombers were too slow and could easily be shot down, so they sent a series of Type 0 fighters first. Fighter aircraft were once... Zero fighters were much more difficult to deal with than light bombers!

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled: "No, I have no interest in ambushing their transport team."

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    Well, it seems that Miss Sophie was too deeply influenced by the border currency, counterfeit money, and legal money that was not worth as much as straw paper in the old society, and she did not consider 30,000 to 40,000 yuan at all. is money. Of course you can't blame her for this. She's been here for more than a month and has never bought anything. Of course, don't expect her to know anything about prices here.

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    Kesselring gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, I'll leave immediately!"

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    Tran Kien Phong suddenly jumped up: "Two... two hundred..." Then he lowered his voice and said: "Okay, send me the location, I will immediately lead the convoy!"

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    After such a bombing, the Japanese air force in the Taiwan area trembled in fear and quickly withdrew their troops to ensure the safety of the airport. How could they care about the unfortunate Yi-403!

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    The general glared: "Why are so many tanks needed for a grenadier regiment!? Do you know that now even an armored brigade cannot produce so many Panther tanks!?"

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    Lei Feng, the masked man, said: "Have you ever seen the National Defense Force speak English? I am a foreign arms dealer. You don't need to ask me about my background . I will ask you if you like my products! Buy, if you don't like it, take your people away, don't stop me from doing business... I can tell you, my products are very famous , the mountain infantry company recently purchased 20 MG -42s in one go!”

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    Ly Dong Hai frowned and said: "Fleeing from Shandong to Fujian? Not enough oil! Definitely not enough oil!"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Yes, that is Golden Lily's gold. During World War II, this organization plundered countless gold, silver and jewels from East Asia, Southeast Asia and India. Some of them were transferred back to Japan and became the foundation of Japan's postwar rise, and some were scattered. Buried in the caves of many islands in Southeast Asia, there are still not many people was excavated. My customer was lucky and found a lot in a cave in the Philippines. I heard that our country is very interested in gold. Let me bring them here and sell them all. "

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    Mr. Lam tilted his head to look at her, a smile appeared in his eyes: "Didn't you come here for the sake of life and death? Open your eyes now, right?"

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    Army Group C was like an extremely effective lawn mower, in just one night it wiped out 16 French battalions in the siege. After entering the gates of hell, very few people escaped the disaster. At five o'clock in the morning, French armored troops were in a dilemma and suddenly saw fire everywhere, thought they were hit by German artillery shells, so they hastily retreated. It was not until they saw groups of German tanks rushing towards them across the minefield through the flames of the explosion that they realized they had been tricked. Unfortunately, it was too late, German armored forces had rushed in front of them. The ones rushing forward were miraculously transformed Panthers, equipped with 57mm long-barreled tank guns, incredible speed, rolling tracks on muddy water, armor-piercing bullets, many French tanks exploded. exploded before the cannon barrel could explode at them. Before the battle, the French armored troops were already in chaos. Not to mention fighting back, they didn't even have the strength to resist, so they could only attack passively!

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    Minister Liu sighed: "Okay, I know you will never get rid of this stingy problem..."

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    This flattery made the Führer burst into joy and laugh out loud. He scolded his generals for not understanding the economics of war, and his generals scolded him for commanding haphazardly while abroad.