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    Emperor Hirohito waited for a long time but no one said anything. The old monk's calm attitude towards the war against China was completely different. Looking at this group of lifeless courtiers and thinking about the extremely dangerous situation, he couldn't help but feel sad. Come, let out a sigh: "Is God really planning to destroy our Dai Dai Empire? Could it be that the foundation laid by the Meiji Emperor after many bloody battles will really be destroyed in my hands?" ?"

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    Seeing that his face was not good, An Truong Kiem was obviously suffering from a serious illness. He said with some concern: "The rainy season in the jungles of Vietnam is a season where diseases often occur. Anyone who enters the forest for the first time is fine." There will be a certain period of serious illness. It's a kind of friendship with the jungle. very troublesome.”

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    Up to now, the battle of Xu Zao has basically ended, but the fire of war is by no means extinguished. After destroying the heavy concentration of Japanese and puppet troops concentrated in the Xuzao area, a division and a tank brigade of the 13th Army Corps of the New 4th Army boarded ships before they had time to rest and went south to reinforce Yancheng. The Japanese army was under command and attempted to invade the Yancheng area to force the New Fourth Army to abandon its bloody siege of the Xuzao area and this division was used to help. A part of the 14th Army Corps and the 12th Army Corps, attached to an armored brigade, rushed into Thuong Khau, the purpose of which was to capture Thuong Khau, enter Ha Nam, and participate in the Central Plains battlefield. Each army group 12, 13, 15, and 16 headed to Shandong, preparing to participate in the Shandong battlefield. The Eighth Route Army of Shandong also encountered the same problem as the Eighth Route Army of Central Plains, lacking armored troops, so they fought quite hard in a series of battles in cities such as Jinan, Dezhou, Laiwu and Tai. An. The 27th Army did have an armored regiment, but it was assigned to the 31st Army Group to participate in the Battle of Xuzao. On the battlefield of Shandong, the 8th Army dominated the battles, was wiped out, but in the fighting street fighting, they struggled. The Eighth Army suffered 2,200 casualties in liberating Dongying, 4,100 casualties in taking Jining, and over 3,600 casualties in taking Binzhou. fire means, as long as they launch an attack, there are always caves in the scorched earth, even ants turn to ashes, gun muzzles have black holes, there are even wounded Japanese soldiers, there are grenades on their bodies, and even There are also mines. What the main force of the New 4th Army must do now is to join this battlefield and take over the entire territory of Shandong in the shortest time!

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    The Viet Minh also happily threw... the French away. The trip of the British and French special envoys to China did not achieve any results, the Dien army completely did not listen to the call of the bald man, rejecting France's unreasonable request for them to withdraw from Vietnam. North, they will beat anyone who dares to disrupt the peace and stability of North Vietnam! Actually, the translation is: northern Vietnam is the sphere of influence of the Yunnan Army, and we will cut off anyone who dares to move our sphere of influence! And the land turtle also put England and France to shame, Chen Yi, a master of Tai Chi, was too greasy and slippery. While the British were talking, they got angry and said: "If you don't stop supporting the resistance forces in the Indochina peninsula, Britain will cut off all economic relations with China!" Chen Yi smiled and replied: "Welcome!" Then no more. Of course, he welcomes the cooperation between the land turtle and the UK. If the arms deal is crossed out, then it will be in a net export status. Basically, Xue Jianqiang can get good things than Great Britain could give them, and aircraft and warships. Second, no matter what country it is in peacetime, demand is limited, and local turtles are buying and buying, and buying this much is basically enough. On the contrary, land turtles act as second-hand traders to export clothes, daily necessities and other things to the UK, making a lot of money. Of course, this kind of foreign exchange income is not inevitable. If the UK is determined to end bilateral trade, the big thing is to leave these goods for its people!

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