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    At this moment, Vuong Han spread out his soul, letting his thoughts spread out a terrifying thread. If at this time someone with similar strength to him appeared here, then he would This can definitely be seen in Vuong Han's performance. Like many twisted curves spreading out from inside the skull, these very thin black lines were filled with his thoughts, but he had just broken through the defense of others' weak calculating ability, directly observing them. observing other people's core thoughts The shape of the light ball, this is a very impolite behavior, but fortunately Vuong Han is quite humane, he did not say he observed the memories inside the light ball the light of these people, but only observed from the outside. Privacy. With the increasing number of observed patterns, the patterns of the core thought light ball in front of Wang Han became more and more complex.

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    Looking at the smiling human who didn't understand what was going on in front of him, he thought for a moment and in the blink of an eye arrived at the shore of Void Coast.

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    So staying in the first mouse village is actually not very meaningful. The people in this village are just like Thuy Hanh said, they have no intention of leaving this place at all, so in theory there is none. For example, seeing the situation where Wang Han led everyone to leave together, but he definitely wanted to leave this place, so he asked Shui Xing to briefly explain the situation, on the one hand, leaving was okay. saying goodbye is indeed not a wise choice. On the other hand, Vuong Han still has to consider that Truong Dang may come to this place in the future, so for Truong Dang's sake, I hope the people here can help him tell a bit about the future. of this place.

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    And after Vuong Han left the Ly Dai You family, he returned to Tu Hai beach. With a simple memory and comparison of the two people's words, he could roughly guess the situation at that time, "Actually, This also did not appear naturally." suddenly appeared out of thin air. The monsters in the Sea of Void do not have the ability to directly interfere with outsiders. It can only be said to directly intervene when the opponent enters the Sea of Void, and it seems that it does not have the same ability as the possessor, it can only add a little light of basic thinking to the opponent's head. And all of this is because that time Lanning Situ got drunk, it was really a mistake to drink."

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